Recommended Age Group: K - Year 12

Resilience Speaker

While Mental Health focuses on the importance of getting your mental state out of negative space, Grit focuses on how to then propel your mental state into a more enriching space for a more fulfilling and productive life.

This presentation highlights ways on how to build mental fortitude and the ability to cast a vision of the future that you can’t help but move towards. Jonny shares his personal experience of living in a caravan while failing his studies due to his learning disabilities, to passing and going on to start a billion-dollar company through a method his school counsellor imparted into him all those years ago; The PERMA Model.

“We move towards what we focus on”. Having a clear vision is the starting point for great and positive changes in anyone’s life. This presentation encourages the listeners to have goals in every area of life and move towards them with passion and perseverance.

The presentation covers but is not limited to;


The Fundamentals of Resilience & how to practice them.
Learnt Optimism.
Disempowering vs Empowering thoughts.
Growth Vs Fix Mindset 


Positive Emotions (P)
Learning to accept yourself (strengths and weakness) and allowing yourself to practice gratitude with practical ways to increase optimism.

Engagement (E)
Identifying & focusing on your strengths. Learning to work in flow to feel a sense of mastery

Relationships (R)
Learning the importance of and how to connect on an authentic level to others, our family, school and community and how to make friends

Meaning (M)
Identifying how to link everyday tasks to a great purpose and over-all goal. A sense of giving back and being authentic you.

Accomplishment (A)
Identifying and understanding the benefit of setting time aside to find a worthy goal including how to use S.M.A.R.T goals and reward micro accomplishments to bring you forward in all areas of life. 

Learning Outcomes

– The audience will be able to identify the most common self-imposed limitations & beliefs, along with making the link between positive outlooks, actions and success.

– The audience will understand the science behind fulfilment and happiness along with understanding and reciting each component of the PERMA model.

– Learn how to create goals and a vision for your life including the importance of human connection & communication. 

– Identifying and understanding individuals strengths and weaknesses, their place within a team and how to move forward with resilience and determination. 

Australian Curriculum:
This presentation is tailored to the audience depending on age & outcomes. The presentation follows the Australian curriculum according to Educational Analysis and consulting.