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  • 3000 Presentations to over 370 Schools
  • Trusted eSafety Provider
  • Australian Motivational Speaker of Year, 2020

Barker College, Sydney


"You've got to have him! I was astounded of the amount of kids that came & shook his hand afterwards. He's a bloke you've got to have" John Doran, Dean of Senior School



The Scots College, Sydney


"Very enthused by Jonny's presentation. We're getting him back very soon!" Duncan Kendall, Assistant Head




Mueller College, Brisbane


"Many parents said they felt like they were there during your presentation as the students recited everything you said from stage at home!" Jessica Fowles, Chaplin

We've partnered with Over 370 Schools since 2013 and Counting...

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Check out Jonny's latest insights into Key Youth Issues such as Cyberbullying and online safety.

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