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Recommended Age Group: K - Year 12

Mental Health Speaker

Over 30% of Young Austrians have a Mental Health issue. Australian Youth survey emphasised in 2021 its was our top concern before Bullying, Abuse and discrimination. Global World in data has Australia as the Top worst in the world per captor including Mental health is one of the leading courses of substance abuse. Summary of Mission Australian Report Here.


According to this report, the top 3 personal concerns of Australian youth as of late 2020 are;


  1. Coping with Stress: 34%
  2. Mental Health 34%
  3. Body Issues 33%

In this presentation, Jonny highlights Mental Health, the importance of talking about, normalising and seeking proven solutions to potential mental health disorders you may encounter. He makes reference to some of his own Mental Health experiences along with how he not only survived but thrived in times of hardship. Jonny provides practical solutions as well as emphasising the importance of taking care of ourselves in every area of life.

The presentation covers but is not limited to;

Mental Health
Gaining a greater understanding of how the brain functions under abnormal conditions, the many faces of Mental Health, and the link between our Thoughts, Actions and Emotions.

Understanding Emotions
Common emotions, how to identify them, what they mean and how to positively work with them.

Understanding Anxiety for what it is along with proven and practical ways on how to alleviate its effects on your mind & the difference between clinical and non-clinical anxiety

Understanding the varying levels of Depression along with how to identify and create a personalised strategy unique to the individual as to the best ways to pull themselves out of what can otherwise feel like a hopeless place.

Routines & Mental Health
Drawing the connection between Health across all areas of your life and how each area affects the other, along with ways in which to establish healthy routines, support systems and resilient minds.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this presentation, students will be able to identify the most common mental health issues, what each emotion really means and how to work with it. Students will take away an understanding of the link between thoughts and physical feelings & develop their own copping plans including know whom to go to when they or a friend needs help. 

Australian Curriculum:
This presentation is tailored to the audience depending on age & outcomes. The presentation follows the Australian curriculum and  Educational Analysis and consulting standard.