“Very enthused by Jonny’s presentation. The boys left with a smile on their face, determination and GRIT in there hearts! The message has been personalised in a very humorous way. It had great strategies for our boys to put in place to make sure they become life-long learners. This presentation on GRIT will continue with them during the good times as well as the challenging…” – Duncan Kendall, Assistant Head, The Scots College, Sydney

"Over 97% of our audience said they would love you back. 83% of our health coordinators said the presentation was above 'excellent'".  
Paola Feliu, Events Coordinator - Generation Next (Largest mental health conference in Australia).

"A full 30% of all feedback I received from delegates singled you out positively. This has never happened before. Thank you. We would like you to be a keynote speaker again this year."

- Konnect Learning, Alinta Pilkington, Conference Producer

“I spent the day with Jonny Shannon doing mental health talks at schools. Fantastic and entertaining – would definitely recommend him.” 
– Stan, Head Space

"The two speakers who personally resonated with me the most were Billy Graham and Jonny Shannon". 
-Trent McVarnock,  Student Leader at National Young Leaders Day, Largest School Conference in New Zealand. 

“After hearing this presentation, I now have a new 10/10 for a mental health talk. Everything I’ve heard before is now scaling back in my opinion because this is the new 10/10 for me and everything else is inferior. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I see it! There was humour for students and staff and amazing engagement. It was a pleasure to be in the audience.”

– Andrew Boyd, Year 6 Coordinator, The Scots College, Sydney


“Really Fantastic. Talked about stress, anxiety, lots of different health issues that effect impacting young people. Fantastic. Great sense of humour and really engaging with young people.”
– Daniella, Head Space, Red Cliff

"Over 91% said they would like the opportunity to attend more classes like Jonny’s"

- Sharleen Mulawin, R/Head Teacher Teaching and Learning


“Very lucky to have Jonny come in and do 3 student sessions followed by a parent night. The story he told, the interactions, the fun, the kids were in stitches but learning as well which is amazing! We had a great turn out of parents who asked questions and were informed about the risk and issues students were facing and we recommend Jonny anywhere!”
– Andrew Pritchard, Director of Pastoral Care, Dominic College


"The hour-long presentation was both informative and, at the same time, entertaining"
-Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School, Villanova College 

“My lasting impression of Jonny is very positive. He was very informative and educational. Our teachers gained a lot from the session also. Thanks for allowing our school to be part of Jonny’s tour. If he returns to Queensland in future, I’d be very keen to request a visit.”
– Chris Herrod: Principal, Queensland, Trade College.


“The personal element that Jonny brought to the program. Many of our students could connect to his stories. He was professional, personable, and well prepared.”
– Alison Hurley: Director of Pastoral Care, NSW, Mater Maria Catholic College


“Staff feedback was that he was engaging and well received. Student feedback was that he was ‘fun’ and easy to listen to.”
– Tenille Thomson: Student Wellbeing Coordinator for Saint Ignatius College Geelong


“Totally recommend him to your school!” – Tara Cameron , Teacher, Winmallee High School


“Really important that he touched on things like cyber safety, looking after kids online… Best speaker we have ever had!” – Kirsten Roehrig, Year 8 Coordinator, Casimir Catholic college


“Fantastic. Highly recommend it. One of the best speeches I’ve heard in many, many years!” – Emma Le Counter, teacher, Orange Anglican College


“… Really impressed. A good presentation at the students level!” – David Walker, teacher, Patrician Brothers School.


“Really relatable. Funny. The kids loved it. Particular advice on how kids can get though situations. Thanks for coming. Love to have you back!” – Alison Fretwell, Stage 5 adviser, Mt Annan Christian College.


“Had Jonny come and visit us for the last 2 and a half years to talk about various social topics and he’s been terrific. Recommend him to anybody, in fact we’re using him again.” – Joe Cachopa, Deputy Principal. West Lake Boys High School.


“Hit the nail on the head. Totally in line with the curriculum. Would recommend him to anyone in Australia, New Zealand, worldwide. Fantastic!” – Mrs G, Head Councillor, St Patricks, Silverstream


“Fantastic. Gave a real lighter touch on some heavy content. Really interesting and engaging. Our year 11’s loved it.”– Muller College, Brisbane


“Really hit the mark with these important issues!” – Peter Marsh, Principal, Gymea Technology High


“We’ve had jonny come into our school for the last couple of years… best speaker we’ve ever had.” – Aron Noble, Head Teacher, Karma High School


“Jonny spoke to our year 5 and 6 students about being safe online. His stories where amazing, so engaging with the students. The students took away some amazing messages from this presentation. Definitely recommend him. Get him out to your school.” – Daniel, Head of Health, St Anne’s Catholic Primary School


“You’ve got to have him! … I was astounded by the amount of kids that came & shook his hand afterwards. He’s a bloke you’ve got to have.” John Doran, Dean of Senior School, Barker College, Sydney


“Get him along! He will impact your kids and give them insights into how to make good decisions long term.” – Dale Dearman, Head Counsellor, Grace Lutheran College, Brisbane


“Many parents said they felt like they were there during your presentation as the students recited everything you said from stage at home!” – Jessica Fowles, Chaplin, Mueller College, Brisbane

eSafety Commissioner

Jonny Shannon has been approved as a certified online safety program provider (Certified Provider). Your school can use allocated funding from “Australian Government Online Safety Programmes in Schools 2016-2018” to get Jonny to deliver his “Bullying & Online Safety” program in your School. Click here for info on this presentation.