Resilience & Grit for Teenagers

Posted by Jonny Shannon on Sep 13, 2018 1:21:16 PM
Resilience is usually built on 3 major social connection point or pillars; strong connection at;

1. School,
2. Home 
3. Sport, Work or Hobbie Teams.

With stronger connection comes better resilience or another definition; "The ability to get through hard times in a healthy way". Connection is Key. Please see how to make friends for more info about how to make connection with others. One of the best books I read regarding resilience was the book Grit by Angela Duckworth. Book Here. Ted Talk Here. 

Her book was a scientific study into what creates resilience. The two major points again where; Connection & a Set Goal you work on everyday, no matter what. I think having goals needs to be talked about again. Goals create hope. They create an image of what you believe life could look like in the future. But a goal without action towards that goal everyday makes us feel like we're not in control.  

Below is a free infographic I created to make is simple which I expand more in this article. 


Most parents and caregivers these days try pretty hard to shield kids from mistakes and bad experiences. But we all know that’s an impossible task. Most, if not all teens will experience something traumatic at some point, whether it’s severe, like…

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