Digital Citizenship

How to keep Kids and Teens Safe Online.


Different Types of Bullying In School

6 different types of Bullying and How to identify it (free Downloads)


Being Safe online & Online Protection

Things every student NEEDS to Know (free PDF)

Sexualisation Effects
How media’s sexualisation has affected our teens.

7 Proven Ways To Make Friends
Tips I wish i knew when going through high-school. (free PDF)

Resilience & Grit

12 ways to build a strong mind (Free Download) 

Teens With Anxiety

5 ways to Support them.

Keeping Cool While Online
Don't get trapped by hate & the reaction cycle

Understanding Common Addictions

Why do we do it?

Body Image & Self Esteem 
5 Ways to Help Yourself or a Friend Who is Worried about Body Image.







Looking for a PRESENTATION?

Every school and student is unique. That’s why Jonny works closely with Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand to continually develop new material that meets the needs of today’s schools. The material is developed together with a group of psychologists to ensure it’s both engaging and accurate. If you have a topic you would like addressed, contact Jonny directly and discover how he can tailor a talk that meets the specific needs of your students.





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